Pricing, Extra Guests and Maximum Occupancy

RnR Vacation Rentals Pricing and Occupancy Policies

Seasonal Rates: The pricing for our homes are based on demand for the season/holiday with the lowest prices offered mid-week in the spring and fall.  Prices will vary throughout the year.  If you include the exact dates you are searching for, the prices will update automatically.

Extra Guest Fees: Our base price for homes is based on 2 people per bedroom.  If your group is larger (without exceeding the maximum number of people allowed in the home), a small extra guest fee will be added to you reservation based on the number of people over 2 per bedroom.  This fee takes into account the additional wear and tear, linens, and the extra costs of running a home with more people in it.

Maximum Occupancy, Maximum Adults and Maximum Singles: Each of our homes has a maximum set for the number of people total, maximum number of adults, and Maximum number of single adults.  The maximum number of people allowed at any time is set by the city and county.  We refer to this as Maximum Occupancy.  Each home also has a maximum number of adults and single adults that are set by RnR Vacation Rentals and the Home Owner.  This is comply with our owner's wishes and to make sure that our guests are comfortable.  Frankly speaking, we love to host families, multiple couples/families, and smaller groups.  These maximums are clearly stated for each property and there are no exceptions.  The Maximums set may not be exceeded at any time during your stay.  Not just at night. The city and county prohibit having more people than approved in the home at any time during the day or night.

Weddings, Receptions, Parties, and Gatherings exceeding the Maximum Occupancy are Prohibited: Unfortunately, as beautiful as some of our properties are, we are unable to allow any gathering of people at our homes that exceed the maximum occupancy approved.  This is a requirement of the city and county and will result in immediate eviction and loss of all payments plus the addition of penalties that can exceed $2000 to our guests.  Please do not chance this.  Find a home or venue outside the city and County that will allow you to host your event. 

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